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Customer testimonials


74 years old

Miran T.

65 years old

Spasoja G.

68 years old

After back surgery, I had frequent pain. The pills didn't help me either. Now, if I wake up in the morning with pain in my spine, I use a pulse electro-magnetic mat, after using which, the pain is no longer present that day. My blood pressure and potency have also improved, which is great for my age, for the quality of life. But I admit, if I hadn't just decided to do it, I probably never would, because I doubted that something could help me so much.

Fani P.

71 years old

I have been using the PEMF mat for more than half a year and I am very satisfied with its performance. My fingers are no longer so swollen, I can wear rings again, and the pain in my knuckles is almost gone. I feel more strength in my knees, and I have no more problems with my hips.

Janez D.

77 years old

I have been using the PEMF mat for 3 months. During this time, I have better control over my bladder again, my legs are no longer swollen, except during heavy exertion, and I can also walk up the stairs much easier.

Ana D.

75 years old

After using the PEMF mat I first noticed an improvement in my metabolism. I was taking anti-spasm pills, which I no longer need, and the grip in my hands has also improved. But I feel the best because I no longer need sleeping pills, because now I can fall asleep on my own, without them.

Emilija J.

81 years old

Because of the pain in my shoulders, I could not raise my arms in the air higher than the horizontal floor. Now, after regular use of the PEMF mat, my mobility has returned and I can fully raise my arms in the air without pain. Neck and hip pains are rarely present, and I also sleep much more peacefully at night.

Emilija Č.

79 years old

I am impressed with the performance of this PEMF mat. Due to health problems, I was in pain for entire days. The only way I could get through the day was to take 2 Aspirin pills three times a day, otherwise the pain was unbearable. After regular use of the PEMF mat, I feel amazing. There are only slight pains and it is now enough to take one pill once a day.

Majda Z.

77 years old

Since using the PEMF mat, I have better bladder control and have far less problems with cramping. I have had large hematomas on my legs for several months, which have not decreased at all, but have now almost disappeared after using the PEMF mat. But the best feeling is when I can open the pickle jar myself again, I have a lot more feeling and strength in my fingers, which are no longer stiff.

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